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Seminarium: Magnetically Navigated Polysaccharides-based Capsulesas Controllable Smart Theranostic Systems
  • 05.12.2023
  • 12.12.2023

Seminar 12.12.2023

12th of December 2023, 15:00-16:00 (CET), Room 306, Building C-6, AGH UST

Take part in a seminar titled:
Magnetically Navigated Polysaccharides-based Capsules as Controllable Smart Theranostic Systems

Our presenter will be:
Elżbieta Gumieniczek-Chłopek - Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, AGH University of Krakow

More info:
Nanomedicine is a dynamically developing field utilizing novel and effective approaches of nanotechnology to eliminate many limitations. Complexity of the solutions proposed, as well as potential biomedical applications require interdisciplinary cooperation combining knowledge, techniques and experience in the field of chemistry, materials engineering, biology, physics and medicine. Solutions based on smart delivery systems might play a significant role as a tool in novel theranostic approaches, in particular for space medicine.

Obtaining biocompatible systems capable of controllable transport and release of a bioactive substance can significantly contribute to the development of modern therapy and diagnostics. Solutions based on externally stimulated carriers represent a very forward-looking alternative to conventional methods of administration of biologically active substances, which are limited by many problems.

Considerable efforts have been dedicated to fabrication and characterization of magnetically controllable polymeric carriers in the form of capsules with oil cores, stabilized by modified polymers of natural origin. The research has been focused on core-shell nanosystems, their magnetically controllable navigation, as well as externally induced release of the transported substance.Two types of carriers were developed in our study: with a negative and with a positive surface charge, containing magnetic nanoparticles encapsulated inside.

The systems developed were subjected to a thorough physicochemical characterization and then - to cellular tests. The research conducted was aimed at verification of their application potential as magnetically controlled carriers, capable of targeted and controlled transport and release of the encapsulated hydrophobic substance.