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Space Technology Centre AGH

The AGH Space Technology Center (STC AGH) was established on November 2, 2020, by decision of AGH Rector Prof. Jerzy Lis (AGH Rector's Order No. 79/2020 dated October 21, 2020).

It was established as a result of the university obtaining the prestigious title of European University awarded by the European Commission.

The STC, as a unit of the AGH University of Science and Technology, was established to carry out didactics and research in the broad field of space issues.

Principal Tasks

Research work will be carried out at the level of both basic and applied research, in particular with regard to Science of Signature (processing information into knowledge), materials and structures dedicated to space applications as well as Space Resources (space resources as regards minerals) at the level of applied research in national and international cooperation with companies from the space sector, using mechatronic approaches.

The primary mission of the Centre is to launch a satellite and conduct Earth observation missions. We are planning to launch a Polish scientific satellite into the LEO orbit.

The Centre’s activity shall promote academic entrepreneurship by providing conditions for founding and developing spin-off and start-up companies, business mentoring, and providing research infrastructure for developing space products and technologies. To achieve these objectives, we want to cooperate with Polish and foreign companies from the space sector.

The Space Technology Centre is developing educational programmes, laboratories and practical training. They are being created by means of international collaboration, through participation in the European Universities project and in the international consortium of universities with the acronym UNIVERSEH - the European Space University for Space and Humanity.

The principal tasks of the Centre also include creating new R&D directions for companies from the space sector and conducting informational activity on the development of space technologies and on space exploration. In this regard, we participate in the European project “Beyond UNIVERSEH”.